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Welcome to R&R Agency

Welcome to R&R AgencyWelcome to R&R AgencyWelcome to R&R Agency

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I am sure you will agree that now is the time to make sure your health coverage is adequate and cost effective.

Our plan offers a $0 deductible and no copays for doctor office visits and testing. Telemedicine is the new big thing. We have had it at no cost for years.

We save clients 40% to 60% when compared to Obama Care and older plans with high renewal rates.

We pay up to $6,000 per day for hospital room and board. And cover all other services at 2x Medicare rates.

For 40 years I have met with each client personally. We can make sure you understand our plan by teleconference. Once the virus scare  is over, I still plan on meeting all my clients personally.

About Us


Our History

R & R Agency was founded in 1981 by Ron Richards.  

We have since been National Sales Leaders for several companies every year.  During his 40 years in the insurance business Ron has also owned and operated several successful small businesses (trucking company, country club, bar and restaurant, and auto detailing).  

We know what is it like to pay our own insurance premiums

 and how hard you have to work to be successful.



Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  We have a unique Health Insurance Program written outside of the Obama Care Guidelines.

By insuring people that are within reasonable health guidelines and letting our customers select the coverages they want and need, our premiums are often one half of Obama Care's with much lower out of pocket expenses.

It is our desire to communicate personally with all of our clients and we hope that this website will facilitate that communication.

Once we have minimal personal information (age, zip code, smoker or non smoker and email) we will forward a premium quote along with coverage information for you to review.

Once you have had time to review this information, we ask that you allow us to schedule a short phone conversation to answer your questions and make sure you understand the options available to you.

Please visit our FAQ section for more information.  Thank you again.  We will work hard to be worthy of your trust.

Do not let the Federal Government and their big insurance company cronies tell you that you have no other option.  Now you do!



Q. Who would be my Insurance Company?

A.  Philadelphia American Life Insurance Company underwrites the bulk of our program.  They are highly rated by AM Best and have a long record of excellent customer service. (see www.neweralife.com health saver plus section).

Q.  Can I qualify medically for this program?

A.  The underwriting guidelines are very lenient.  If you do not have a major illness or facing major surgery you will probably qualify.

Q.  Will I have to take a physical or submit medical records?

A.  No. We simply ask you a few medical questions and submit them to the company.  For your protection, the company will verify your answers are correct.  That is it.

Q.  Should I wait to see what congress will do about changing or repealing Obama Care?

A.  Absolutely not!  Washington will not risk losing the votes of the millions who are getting a free ride on the backs of hard working Americans who are footing the bill.  They will not change the preexisting conditions coverages or the Federal subsidies (your tax and premium dollars).  These two factors alone are major reasons why the Obama Care premiums and deductibles are so high.

Q.  Will I have to pay a penalty?

A.  No, recent legislation has repealed the penalties under Obama Care for individuals.

Q.  Why are your premiums lower?

A.  First, we only insure people who are reasonably healthy.  Second, we only write coverages that you want and need.  Example:  Does a 50 year old married couple really need to pay for maternity coverage?  Do you need coverage for drug rehab, abortions etc.?

Q.  What happens if I get sick?

A.  Our program is guaranteed renewable and we cannot single you out for a rate increase regardless of health problems.

Q.  Do I have to pay money upfront?

A.  No, you will not be charged anything until you have been approved for coverage.  Additionally, you have 10 days to review your policy.  If the policy is returned, your premium will be refunded.

Q.  Will this process take a lot of my time?  

A.  No, a short 5-10 minute phone interview is all that will be required.  We will schedule your interview at your convenience.  We work early and late.  Note:  It's ironic that we work so hard in order to pay for the ridiculously high insurance premiums that we don't have the time to look for something better.

Q.  Where can I use my coverage?

A.  You may go to any doctor or hospital; however, if you stay within the Physicians Health Care Service Network, you will receive large discounts on your medical bill.  Note:  PHCS is the largest network in the Midwest.

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I'm Just Saying ... Just For Laughs

"I'm not old; I've just been around a long time."

"Do not tell me I can't."

"I'm too busy working. I don't have time to save $$."

"I'm from the Federal Government and I'm here to help."

"If we had term limits, politicians would not spend all their time trying to get reelected."

"If a politician can enter office with modest assets and leave a millionaire why wouldn't he become an investment counselor?"

"If you are not open to change do not tell me you're unhappy with your present position."

"Too good to be true"

The above statement is the most over used and ridiculous statement known to man.  When most people say, "It's too good to be true", they are thinking why didn't I think of that.  Most of the good things we enjoy in life were once thought to be "too good to be true".  Example:  air travel, internet, the automobile...